How to get qualified

Our NGB is UKUltimate, known as UKU.  UKU plan a coaching framework that will have the same structure as recommended by sportscoachUK (ie. levels 1-4); the structure so far is outlined here.  The level one coaching courses are well-established.  In 2013 the Level Two course started being rolled out.  Note: the L2 course modules provided by sportscoachUK are not available in Scotland.  You must either travel to England/Wales or find a similar sportscotland course and ask UKU to okay it.

Where to learn more about coaching Ultimate

Qualified coaches are spread across Scotland.  One of the longest tenured is Ben Heywood, who has been leading coaching at St. Andrews for nearly 20 years, and writes a well-respected blog of his thoughts on various aspects of coaching the game at Understanding Ultimate.

In Edinburgh..

For more information on this, leave your details here..

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